Wellness Week  29th April – 3rd May 2019

Wellness Week 29th April – 3rd May 2019

One of the main events organised by our Student Council is our annual Wellness Week and this year it took place from 29th April-3rd May. Monday 29th April was ‘Mindful Monday’, during this day students and teachers were encouraged to carry out random acts of kindness. A mindfulness session also took place at lunchtime in the meditation room. Tuesday 30th April was ‘Healthy Eating Day’ and students were encouraged to bring a healthy lunch. Teachers were encouraged to bring something to the staff room to share for lunch and some of the local shops- McInerney’s SuperValu, Aldi and Donlon’s Fruit and Veg sponsored fruit which was available to students at break and lunch time. The TYs also carried out a smoothie making and tasting workshop with 1st year students.  Wednesday 1st May was ‘Disability Awareness Day’. During the day students learned sign language and we were delighted to welcome Para-athlete, Sinead Keon who spoke to TY and 4th Year students.  

Thursday 2nd May was our ‘Positive Mental Health Awareness Day’ and the whole day was designated to student and teacher well-being. They received orange wristbands highlighting mental health awareness and they got to participate in various activities including; Yoga, Zumba, Hip Hop, Line Dancing, Self-Defence, Reflexology, Fitness and Nutrition, Alcohol Awareness, Volunteering and some got to hear inspirational speaker and Dublin footballer Philly McMahon. In the afternoon students took part in a 5km run/walk and were treated to ice-cream on their return. The following day students were surveyed to get an awareness of the impact the day had on them and the results speak for themselves. 100% of students said they enjoyed the day, some of the activities they enjoyed the most were Line Dancing, Yoga and Zumba, Kevin Brady’s talk on Alcohol Awareness and Philly McMahon’s talk, while others enjoyed the 5km run and the ice-cream. Overall however it was clear that it was a very beneficial day for both students and teachers.  

Our Wellness Week ended on Friday 3rd May- ‘Make a Friend Friday’. During the day students were encouraged to speak to someone new today and even buy them a lollipop at break or lunch with the proceeds of €248 going to a Children’s Language Development Pre-School. Well done to the student council on organising another excellent ‘Wellness Week’.