Online Books

Online Books

CJ Fallon(Celtic Press) –For Students:

Gill Education: As you return to remote teaching, Gill Education are continuing to support you, your students and their parents at this time. Online resources for all of our post-primary titles are available open access for you and your students on 




To help your students, we have eBooks for our core subject textbooks on the FolensHIVE app. Students can use the app on their phones, laptops and devices.

Students just need to follow these steps to access:

  1. Register with FolensHIVE and redeem their first eBook with the unique licence code from the inside cover of their textbook.
  2. Download the FolensHIVE app from the relevant app store on their device.
  3. Log-in to their FolensHIVE account on the app to use the eBook or redeem additional eBooks.
  4. Click or tap the download button underneath the eBook cover to download.

Important note: when a student first registers with FolensHIVE we request parental consent, in order to comply with GDPR. The student needs to provide an email address for a parent or legal guardian as part of the registration process.

Students and parents can find out more information on

We hope this will make things easier for you and your students. Stay safe and well.