Anti-Bullying/Friendship Week

Anti-Bullying/Friendship Week

St Raphael’s Anti-Bullying/Friendship Week took place from 25th-29th November. A lot of
activities took place throughout the week which were organised by some of our student leaders,
the Peer Mentors. The theme chosen for the week is ‘Respect Yourself, Respect Each Other’.


Day 1 was Friendship Day
Activities included 1st year making friendship bracelets, TYs, 4th Years and Leaving Certs
getting to know people in their year groups

On Day 2 the students were encouraged to be kind to each other throughout the day. The 2nd
years put Complimentary Post-It’s on each other’s lockers and 3rd Years completed a
compliment sheet for everyone in their class.

All students in the school partake in the signing of the Anti-Bullying pledge. The Peer Mentors
facilitated the pledge ceremony. Students learned about the effect bullying has on others and
how we all have a role to help eliminate bullying in our school and signed our pledge

For the final day of our Anti-Bullying/Friendship Week 1st and 2nd year students were lucky to
get to see, Mike Sullivan from ‘HumourFit’ performing his Bullying and Cyber-Bullying Drama
‘The Mighty Bully Brady’.